Lee’s Summit is in Jackson County, Missouri. This Kansas City suburb is a rapidly growing area within the state. The population is over 100,000, and the city boasts a strong economy, excellent schools, parks, lakes, and golf courses.

Even so, moving to a new city or state can be stressful. You may need the services of expert Lee Summit movers to help you navigate the intricacies of your move. When you work with us, The Movers, our moving maestros, will deliver the best services for your success.

With our top-notch expertise and incredible attention to detail, we will make your move a breeze. We have 5/5 positive star reviews earned through honest and superior service delivery through the years. Whether you’re relocating within Lee Summit or moving from another state to this vibrant city, we’ll take care of everything.

Lee’s Summit Moving Company That Locals Love

DIY moving is uninsured and may break your back, leaving you tired and cranky. That’s why intelligent people hire a professional moving company.

Here are some of the incredible benefits of working with The Movers.

  • Extensive Support: A full-service moving company offers comprehensive assistance in the entire process. The Movers have teams to handle everything, from packing and loading to transportation and unloading. Our clients love us for our smooth and stress-free relocations.
  • Efficient Loading and Unloading: How do you plan to carry heavy furniture through tight spaces or stairways? Think about the risk of injury and property damage. Our movers can help. We use tools such as dollies, sliders, and harnesses. It makes work easier, safe, and fun, even when dealing with large, delicate, or valuable items.
  • Time and Energy Saving: You free up your time and energy by entrusting your move to the best Lee Summit Movers Company. We take care of the logistics, allowing you to focus on settling in. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that our professionals will efficiently manage the entire process.

Professional Moving Services In Lee’s Summit, MO – The Movers

Your Lee’s Summit move won’t disappoint, pinky swear! This vibrant city is a treasure trove of incredible benefits waiting for you. Here’s a sneak peek of the exciting perks to expect:

  • Vibrant Town: You will love the lively community here. There are monthly events, a thriving Farmers Market, and an array of local shops and dining options.
  • Safe Neighborhood: Lee’s Summit is an exceptional Missouri neighborhood boasting a remarkable safety record with a crime rate of just 18 per 1000 residents.
  • Recreation:  There are countless recreational activities here. Discover the beauty of nearby Kansas City parks, engage in sports at Legacy Park, or explore entertainment venues like the Skate Center and museums. You’ll always have options.
  • Convenient Access: Lee’s Summit is not closed off from the world. Thanks to its major highways, including I-470 and I-49 thoroughfares, you can conveniently come and go.
  • Balanced Lifestyle: Lee’s Summit has a conducive environment to support work-life balance. The city offers a short average commute of 25 minutes and plenty of green spaces.

Finding the best Lee’s Summit moving services is your first step to all that splendor. If you want to work with the best Lee’s Summit movers, trust The Movers. 

Our processes are drama free – no headaches and no monkey business. Request your free quote or call 816-535-8802. Below are some of the services we offer in Lee’s Summit.

Local Moving

Local moving involves moves within the city or state. Local moving experts typically help you pack, load, and transport. They may offer concierge services, including unpacking, home set up, and cleaning if need be, to help you settle down quickly and easily.

Long-Distance Moves  

Moving pros will come with transport trailers, customized trucks, and expert technicians to handle the logistics when moving out of town. They provide transparent quotes for long-distance moves and get down to packing and loading. During the move, you can access GPS tracking features to help you visualize the interstate move in real-time.

Residential Moving

With our experienced professionals and top-of-the-line equipment, our moving company provides exceptional residential moving services to help you move comfortably and confidently.

Commercial Moves

For businesses relocating to new premises, our movers in Lee’s Summit offer specialized commercial moves tailored to meet specific requirements. They efficiently handle and move office furniture, equipment, and inventory.

Choose moving teams that facilitate insurance-covered moves and minimize disruptions to your company’s operations.