It’s your lucky day! Your “long-distance movers near me” search brought you to the best long-distance movers. Whether you need help moving across the state or the country, The Movers is the moving company for the job. 

Professional and experienced, The Movers offers affordable long-distance moving and quality services you won’t find anywhere else. We’ll help you move your home or business with comprehensive full-service long-distance moving options. 

Why hire just any movers when you can hire The Movers? Call us today and enjoy long-distance moving, guaranteed to save you time, money, and stress. 

Why Hire Professional Long-Distance Movers? 

If you’re moving long distance, you have two options: move by yourself or hire a professional company. 

Regular DIY moving comes with a lot of struggles. With long-distance moving, it becomes ten times harder. Truck hire is expensive, and gas, insurance, and other miscellaneous fees quickly add up. 

That doesn’t even factor in the labor commitment – driving for hours on end with a truck you’re uncomfortable with is stressful in a way that’s hard to put into words. 

All in all, DIYing your long-distance move will cost more than hiring professionals would. It’s also going to be a lot more stressful. The risk of something going wrong is high, and you’ll have no insurance to cover you. 

It’s a massive struggle, but one you can avoid by hiring professional long-distance movers. It’ll cost the same if not less than DIY long-distance moving. And it’s going to be much, much more manageable. 

Experienced Long-Distance Moving Company 

An experienced long-distance moving company like The Movers offers much more than just moving services. We also provide service add-ons and guarantees that protect you and your valuables on even the longest and most challenging journey. 

  • BBB Accredited: The Movers is accredited with the Better Business Bureau, which guarantees that you work with a vetted and accredited business. We’re committed to providing high-quality moving services. 
  • Fully Insured: We offer three instance options. Our basic cover option insurance your valuables for 60c a pound. The other two insurance options cost more. They’re an excellent option for people that want extra protection on their long-distance move. Whichever one you choose, you’re belongings will be safe with us. 
  • Fully Licensed: The Movers is a fully licensed moving company. Our business, truck, and driver licenses meet all local, state, and national requirements. 
  • Family Owned & Operated: We are run by a father and son duo who personally check and train new team members. Our family-owned and operated status also saves you money. You don’t have to pay ridiculous franchise fees to use our long-distance moving services.  
  • Honest, Affordable, and High-Quality: The Movers is dedicated to honest, affordable, high-quality long-distance moving services. We have no surprise fees, our movers are friendly and experienced, and our service solutions are comprehensive. 
  • Price Matching Program: We’re so confident in our pricing that we offer a price matching program. We’ll match any moving company’s long-distance moving price. To learn more, browse our Price Matching Program stipulations. 

Long-Distance Moving Services That Work! 

Long-distance moving has never been easier! We understand how stressful moving is, even without confusing jargon and difficult movers. That’s why we’ve simplified the moving process even further. 

Get In Touch

First, contact The Movers by calling our number, filling out a contact form, or getting a free estimate. One of our friendly staff members will be assigned to you and help you through the entire moving process. 

To start, we’ll get a feel for your long-distance moving needs. We’ll also happily answer any questions about moving with us. 

Choose Your Service 

Next, we’ll help you choose the long-distance service solution that suits your needs and budget. Add-ons are designed to simplify your move and cause less stress. We’ll never add services to your moving plan you didn’t expressly agree to.  

Finalize The Details

We’ll send you a moving estimate, which you then approve. We’ll finalize your moving services and book your moving date and time. We’ll also guide you through the next stage of your long-distance move. 

Let’s Move

We’ll arrive on your moving day and get right to work. We’ll quickly and safely organize, pack, wrap, and load all your valuables onto our clean and serviced trucks. Once on the road, we’ll keep you updated on our progress. 

At your final destination, we’ll unload your items and ensure everything is in perfect condition. We’ll only leave once we know you’re satisfied. 

Hire The Best Local Long-Distance Movers Today!

Don’t hire just any movers when you can hire The Movers, long-distance relocators dedicated to your satisfaction. 

Contact us or get a free quote today, and we’ll start planning your long-distance move immediately.

Our high-quality long-distance services prioritize your budget, valuables, and sanity. Partner with The Movers today!