If you’re worried about your residential move, don’t be! Luck is on your side, seeing as that “residential movers near me” search brought you straight to us, The Movers. 

You no longer have to struggle with amateur movers or incredibly high prices. Instead, partner with our professional residential movers and enjoy affordable rates and better service. 

Don’t settle for any movers when you can have The Movers. We offer accessible residential moving services guaranteed to lighten the physical and emotional load.  

With over a decade of experience, seamless teamwork, and high-quality service options, The Movers is your ticket to a stress-free residential move. 

Why Hire Professionals? 

Moving always presents a common struggle: do you do it yourself or hire professionals? Many people choose the first option, only to regret it later. 

Why? Because DIY moving isn’t as easy as the movies make it look. 

Between inflated moving prices, labor-only help with no experience, and well-meaning friends and family (who only cause trouble), you’ll lose money and sleep trying to manage your move alone. 

Don’t be fooled if you’re skipping over professional movers because of the price. Today, between truck hire and other miscellaneous fees, DIY moving is more expensive than most professional moving options. 

For that cost, you could partner with professional movers. You can use your money to buy moving success and freedom. 

Top-Rated Home Movers In Missouri

Comprehensive professional moving services cover all bases, like our residential moving services. From insurance to price matching, here are some reasons our professional moving services are the best option for all your residential moving needs. 

  • BBB Accredited: We’re accredited with the Better Business Bureau, which guarantees that you work with a vetted and accredited business. We’re committed to providing high-quality moving services. 
  • Fully Insured: The Movers offers primary coverage valued at 60c per pound. We also offer two other insurance options (Valued Inventory and Lump Sum) for those that want extra protection. Either way, you’re belongings will always be covered with us.
  • Fully Licensed: The Movers is a fully licensed moving company. Our business, truck, and driver licenses meet all state legal requirements. 
  • Family Owned & Operated: The Movers is operated by a father and son duo. All other team members are vetted and trusted by the main team. Besides treating our clients like family, our family-owned status also saves you money. You don’t have to pay ridiculous franchise fees when working with our trusted movers. 
  • Honest, Affordable, and High-Quality: From expert movers to service options, The Movers is dedicated to fair, affordable, and high-quality services. We have no hidden fees, our professional and experienced movers, and our service solutions are well thought out and researched. 
  • Price Matching Program: We’re so confident in our pricing that we host a price matching program where we’ll match any moving company’s price that is lower than ours. To learn more, browse our Price Matching Program stipulations. 

Full-Service Professional Residential Moving Company – The Movers

There is no reason not to partner with The Movers’ professional residential movers. However, we know the moving process itself can be a little daunting. 

Let’s look at what to expect from The Movers residential moving service. 

Get In Touch

Get in touch with The Movers and talk to our team about your residential move, or fill out a quote and we’ll get back to you. We’ll cover all the basics of your move on the phone, answer any questions, and walk you through the process. 

Choose Your Service 

Next, choose your residential moving service. Tell us whether you want partial or full-service packing moving, and select your insurance option. Don’t hesitate to ask questions. Our friendly team members will clear up any confusion for you. 

Finalize The Details

Once you know what service you want, we can start to finalize your moving project. We’ll send you an estimate. If you’re satisfied, we’ll book your moving date and time and guide you through what to expect on the moving day. 

Let’s Move

On your moving day, our experienced movers will arrive on time. They’ll pack up your home, lay down home and furniture protection blankets, wrap all loose items, and carefully load everything onto our clean trucks. 

We’ll then move you to your new home – whether an apartment or a house, down the road or across the state. 

Choose The Movers, The #1 Residential Moving Service!

The Movers are the movers for the job. Professional, accredited, and experienced, our movers are more than qualified to handle your residential move. Combine this with The Movers’ affordable pricing, Price Matching Program, and insurance options; there is no reason not to partner with us. 

Contact us or get a free quote today, and we’ll start planning your residential move immediately.